Monday, October 13, 2008

How to crack CAT 2008

Dear Friend
if you want to get a good score in CAT 08 so firstly we should know exactly about is the game of your cool mind within that period when you will appear in CAT. At that time no. of heartbeat should be same as today.We have only 30 to 35 days from now upto you should start to practisize how to relax our mind.You should know what is the difference between sound of your heart and your should recognize that sound of which system (heart or mind),we should follow,according to my view if you should start to follow according to your mind rather than your heart,so you don't need to focus other things as like your living standard ,your attitude your communication skills and etc.Because this type of thing will be developing with your time. And also, you should focus that how to change your negative mind to positive mind, because it is not sure that when did change your mind in negative context.if as this do in your actual exam, then at that time what will you do?. I would like to suggest you that you should have motivational thoughts to eliminate this type of condition so i will suggest you should invest only 15 to 30 mins to read this type of thoughts.
In the last I want to say you that we should enjoy in each moment of your life despite you read. Best of luck for CAT 08.

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