Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Firstly,We should know what is the exact mean of SPORT. In point of my view, S = Stimulate, p = Pizzaz, O = Overachieve, R = Radicalism, and, T = Technician.why didn't we get a good position in sports except cricket it is the major issue facing by India today. I have some points regarding with this issue. 1.PROMOTE SPORTS IN SCHOOLS- Sports must be declared compulsary in schools and promoted as culture.

School coaches should double up as talent spotters who help catch talent young.But in the recent news, sadly, official statistics (2004-05) show that 50% schools in india don't even have a playground. 2.IMPROVE INFRASTRUCTURE- Only proper infrastructure at the grassroot level can search young talent. We can see that many playgrounds in the cities being turned up by residential complexes. The future of spectator sports lies in the small towns and villages. which is why it is important to offer decent facilities in small towns as well. Let us not forget that our Beijing Boxing triumph was fashioned in a small Harayana town,Bhiwani. We need to improve existing infrastructure too. India has about 20 astrouturfs for hocky compared to Holland's 400 and Australia's 350. 3. ADMINISTRATION NEEDS PROFESSIONALS-Bjp leader Vijay Kumar Malhotra heads archery fedration of India since 1973. Priya Ranjan Das Munshi presides over AIFF since 1988. When he took over India was ranked around 95 in World Football. Now it is 153. The truth is that politicians heading sports bodies have abysmally failed to deliver. They should make way for professionals professionalising sports bodies is a pre-condition to excelling in any sport. 4.TRAINING FOR COACHES-There is hardly anybody in India with a comprehensive knowledge of training,recovery and rehabilitation.we need to spend on specialists who can train coaches and physiotherapestes. This will make a big deffrence at the grass roots level and these young athelets will go on to win laurels for the country.

5. INCREASE BUDGET ALLOCATION- India's sports budget for the year 2005-06 was Rs. 292 crores. That was just 0.06 % of the natinal budget. Australia spends roughly four times more than us with a population sixty time less. The goverment can surely spent a little more on sports.

6.CORPOTRATE SUPPORT- Whenever athelets or teams do well , it is common for corporate groups to announce huge cash awards or offer life time free air tickets. All that is welcome but with exceptions-the private sector has seldom offered planned support. There is a need for corporates to seriously incourage sports at the grassroot levels.

It is thus time to stop thinking and debating much more and to just get on with the action!Rimember that thinking can happen from even a rocking chair but doing must happen on your feet.

Thinking may be a great way to get things started but doing is the only way to get things done.So take the right step, reach the right direction and seek the right guidence.

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